Pop-Up Exhibition

Expresión Latina

Three Countries, One Language



Serrano Gallery will be opening its doors on Thursday, June 7th, for a special Pop-Up Exhibition and Reception. "Expresión Latina: Three Countries, One Language" marks the first collaboration between McKinley Homes, Architect Mauricio Vela Carvajalino, Ar7seven and Serrano Gallery.

Date: Thursday, June 7
Time: 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Place: Serrano Gallery. Silver Street Studios. 2000 Edwards Street. Suite #117. Houston, TX 77007 (Map and directions included below).

The exhibition will feature recent works by artists from the Ar7seven Group and Serrano Gallery, including: Rolando Rojas, Luisa Duarte, Verny Sanchez, Alfonso Bonilla, Saúl Castro, Lorena Morales, Angela Corson, Marisol Valencia, Juan Manuel Gaitán, Juan Carlos Franco, Eibar Castillo, Dora Luz Delgado, Diana Francia, Angélica Mendez Ascanio, Guillermo Romero and Diego Ruiz. The selection of works includes paintings, photography, digital media, sculpture and mixed media. The artists hail from Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.


Artist Bios

Angélica Mendez Ascanio

Ar7seven Group

Angelica Mendez Ascanio is a Colombian artist, psychologist and Communications professional whose artistic expression is rooted in Jungian themes, including the  the notion of a collective unconscious. The artist's  interest in the human psyche is rendered visible in her eclectic and rich compositions, which seem to invite the spectator not only to look closer, but to also look within.


Alfonso Bonilla

Ar7seven Group

Alfonso Bonilla is a Colombian multimedia designer and photographer with extensive experience teaching in China and Singapore. He uses the tools of graphic design in tandem with photography to create dream-like digital art compositions of intense chromatic richness.


Eibar Castillo

Ar7seven Group

Eibar Castillo is a Colombian visual artist whose work explores themes related to spirituality, emotions and social issues, including the diaspora that impacts his  own community. Castillo ventured into the arts during his free time, during the 30 years he spent as a factory worker, and has gone on to expand his artistic practice through studies and his activities with artistic collectives and cultural institutions in Colombia and in the U.S.


Saúl Castro

Serrano Gallery

Saúl Castro is a Mexican artist, born in the city whose work  combines elements of abstract and figurative art in compositions that often feature marine wildlife and the deep, rich colors of his native region.  His work has been widely exhibited in Mexico, as well as in the U.S., Japan, Spain and Argentina.


Angela Corson

Serrano Gallery

Angela Corson is a Colombian artist who lives and works in Houston. The scope and scale of her work has steadily evolved over the years, moving through drawings, paintings, murals, sculptures, and on to installations. She believes that art is a powerful way to reach the observer and create a reaction within them – positive or negative – or to create a change in the way they perceive the world around them. Angela’s artworks have been shown in many different exhibitions and have received numerous accolades.







Dora Luz Delgado

Ar7seven Group

Dora Luz Delgado is a Colombian visual artist known for her colorful abstract compositions. With studies in art history, art and business, in Colombia and in New York, and memberships in the World Art Academy, based in France, and various artistic collectives, Delgado's artistic projection has led her to exhibit her work in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Belgium, Ecuador and the U.S., as well as Colombia.


Luisa Duarte

Serrano Gallery

Luisa Duarte is a Venezuelan-born Houston-based visual artist whose work creates imaginary spaces that appear to straddle multiple worlds, perspectives and forms. The Latin American Geometrical Abstraction, Constructivism and Kinetic art movements that were at their peak during her upbringing continue to inspire her practice as a visual artist.


Diana Francia

Ar7seven Group

Diana Francia Gómez Ordoñez is a Colombian artist who has exhibited her work in such countries as Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, The U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador,  Argentina and Chile. Her paintings focus mainly on expressive human figures and offer a very particular artistic vision, which she has claimed as her own.


Juan Carlos Franco

Ar7seven Group

Juan Carlos Franco is a Colombian artist whose works are creating  historical memory within contemporary Colombian culture. The trajectory of this artist, cultural manager, curator and sculptor is imbued with intellectual and artistic inquiry, which inevitably spills over into his creative work. In his hands,  bronze sculptures become a space for unique explorations of the human form.


Juan Manuel Gaitán

Ar7seven Group

Juan Gaitán is a Colombian visual artist whose work is influenced by the interplay of geometry, light and geometrical abstraction.  His medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, which he occasionally intervenes with RGB light. His work has been exhibited in Rome, Toronto and Washington DC, as well as in several galleries and museums in Colombia.


Lorena Morales

Serrano Gallery

Houston based artist Lorena Morales was born in Venezuela and moved to Houston in 2003. She holds certificates in painting and sculpture from the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 
Morales has had several individual and group exhibitions in USA, Germany and Venezuela.  Collectors hold her artworks worldwide.

Guillermo Romero

Ar7seven Group

A self-taught artist, Guillermo Romero first began his foray into art in 1985, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently lives in the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia, where his creative practice has focused on painting and relief paintings. His work reduces the superfluous, and reduces the context to its minimum expression, producing work that is organic, subjective and spiritual.


Rolando Rojas

Serrano Gallery

Rolando Rojas is a Mexican artist and printmaker who is often described as an “Oaxacan painter,” based on his ability to faithfully and beautifully convey the aesthetic and visual history of the region of the Mexican Central Valley he calls home. In a relatively short time, Rojas has become a master of this tradition, and has achieved international recognition, with exhibitions traveling to the USA, Japan, France, Canada, Cuba, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. 


Diego Ruiz

Ar7seven Group

Diego Ruiz is a Colombian artist and designer whose work is informed by art studies in Colombia and Germany.  Ruiz creates abstract sculptures that have been described as 'totem-like.' He works primarily with wood, incorporating other materials, and always with consideration for the environment. 


Verny Sánchez

Serrano Gallery

Verny Sanchez is a Venezuelan/American artist whose creative practices include painting, installations, assemblages, drawing and sculpture. His work, which is constructed on a continuum between abstraction and representation, explores themes of expression, communication and emotion in compositions that often blend the real and the imaginary. A distinctive pictorial language, first inspired by the ancient petroglyphs he encountered as a youth in Venezuela, has become a unique vernacular in his work.


Marisol Valencia

Serrano Gallery

Marisol Valencia is a Mexican born artist based in Houston with a background in Conservation and Restoration of Art. Her creative practice has focus on mixed media and ceramics. Currently, she seeks to create works in which the main source of inspiration is the dialogue and the interaction of different materials.


How to Get There


Silver Street Studios. 2000 Edwards Street. Suite #117. Houston, TX 77007


FROM IH-10: Exit the freeway on Taylor Street, going South. Continue onto Sawyer Street.  Turn left onto Edwards Street.  Turn left again on Silver Street, and enter the complex through the first entrance.  Drive past the first building on your left, and you will enter a parking lot by making a slight right past the second building. Park, and walk up on  to the deck on the North side of the building (a sign over the first door you will encounter reads "Silver Street Studios.") Walk past that door and follow the length of the deck. Enter through the fourth door.


Inside Silver Street Studios

Enter through the fourth entrance on the North side of the Silver Street Studios building.
Take your second left, and Serrano Gallery will be the first door to your left.

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McKINLEY HOMES is an architecture and construction company established in Houston, Texas, in 2012. The company handles residential and commercial projects, renovations, and commercial construction in the Houston area.

MAURICIO VELA is an architect and partner at  McKinley Homes, and a member of International Association AIA.

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SERRANO GALLERY specializes in contemporary abstract and figurative art by established and emerging international artists, with a primary focus on Latin American artists. The mission of the gallery is to promote art that nurtures the human soul. The gallery regularly hosts public exhibitions and arts events in its state-of-the-art facility throughout the year, and welcomes visitors by appointment.

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AR7SEVEN is an art collective based in Colombia that brings together painters, sculptors and photographers whose main purpose is to share the work of Latin American artists around the world.


Valentina Atkinson at Serrano Gallery, 713-724-0709.